We measure the value of the “experience”

What we do.

We provide reports for institutions and enterprises that work in the travel and tourism industry.

What we do.

We provide reports for institutions and enterprises that work in the travel and tourism industry. Quantitative and qualitative fundamental analysis to support a sale strategy mainly on business and leisure travelers market; main activities included financial-econometric modelling and business intelligence; focus on the west coast in Sweden.

  • We work with a pedagogical approach on how to adress the issues,
  • Scoping process, 
  • Build a communication platform to present the analysis outcomes,
  • Research Trends and Forecasts the market,
  • Key Performance Indicators.

The Company provides creative tools of information like economic and financial indicators;

  • Socio-demographic analysis
  • Management assessment,
  • Performance ranking,
  • Data & reports based on hotels reviews for hospitality and travel industry. 
  • Computable Data Analysis

IDC Consult design charts and statistical analysis to support the head group

Tourist Destination, Market Analysis, Hotel & Restaurants, Travel & Tourism, Inbound-Outbound Tourism Modelling. Logistics, Creative, Arts, Sports & Culture.

How we work.

IDC Consult can perform different level of analysis, regarding to the clients necessities. Creative and pedagogical tools as basic instruments to scope process and screen the market.

How we work.

We manage big data and computable modelling. The teamwork can design mathematical algorithms to measure the market behavior focus on the west coast of Sweden as Tourist Destination. IDC Consult works together with experts to deliver relevant information to the Decision- Makers and Stakeholders.

The Company offers a pedagogical approach to the customers; we develop legible information to the communication platform aiming efficiency and a comprehensive work environment. Assisting the expert group on travel and tourism facts, designing and conducting feasibility studies mainly on hotelier, restaurants and travel sector.

Do you still believe that Mexico is in South America?

IDC Consult offers to the customers a perspective based on research and facts.

Our collaborators.

Here are some of our collaborators.

We measure the value of the “experience”